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Recent Posts

VLNComm Receives $1M from US Department of Energy

VLNComm is proud to announce that it has been awarded $1,000,000 for the Phase II DOE SBIR to push the commercialization of the VLC technology...
March-04 - 2016 | -->

New Networking Technology Developed at VLNComm – NBC News

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NBC29) - There's new breakthrough Internet technology in town using light to connect to the Internet.  A team from the University of Virginia...
August-11 - 2015 | -->

UVA Researchers to Provide Faster Data Through LED Light

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- Wireless Internet is about to be looked at in a whole new light. One professor and a few PhD students at...
July-10 - 2015 | -->