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Why LiFi?

Higher Security

Security is a major concern for all Wi-Fi users, since RF signals pass through walls and make Wi-Fi vulnerable. Security is not an issue of concern in a LiFi environment since the visible light signal is confined to the indoor environment and it has high security.

Higher Capacity

LiFi can offer high density communication by using hundreds of LEDs on each bulb or lighting panel and can offer broadband connections to a large number of users by reusing the spectrum in larger areas.

Higher Speed

LiFi has the potential to significantly increase the speed of internet connection in multiuser indoor environments due to the broad bandwidth of the visible light, from 400 THz (780 nm) to 800 THz (375 nm).

Eco Friendly

LiFi integrates the communication system with the green and eco-friendly lighting systems (LED) and proposes dual-use of the lights that are used for illumination purposes. This results in lower energy consumption and lower installation costs.


Unlike radio signals, LiFi cannot penetrate inside the body and is blocked by the skin. Therefore, it is safe for the human body and any group of people, including children and pregnant women can use it for connecting to the Internet without concern.

Indoor GPS

LiFi technology offers high resolution real time location based services (indoor GPS - RTLS) by accurately estimating the position of users, which can be used for navigation in warehouses, manufacturing sites, museums and shopping malls.


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LiFi-enabled LED Panel

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LumiStick II

LiFi USB Adapter

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LiFi Enabled Desklamp

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The next generation of wireless networks

VLNComm is developing Visible Light Communication (LiFi) technology that uses optical energy to provide simultaneous lighting and wireless data transmission.

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